SpinBlend® is Celebrating 50 Years

Spin Blend® is Celebrating 50 Years


Move Over Mayo!

Spin Blend® is back by popular demand! Spin Blend® is a one of a kind, zippy dressing condiment for sandwiches, salads and more! Spin Blend®’s unique, tangy flavor elevates any recipe or meal to the next level. So whether you spread it, mix it, or slather it at meal time this creamy American staple will have your taste buds singing! We are proud to say Spin Blend® was created more than a half of a century ago to celebrate the American farmer and this classic dressing is every bit as delicious today. Spin Blend® truly passes the test of time and now you can pass down this meal time tradition to your family!

Our Story

Spin Blend® A Part of American History

Back in 1965 Spin Blend Salad® dressing was introduced on TV by none other than America’s most iconic homemaker Jean Stapelton who rose to fame as the beloved Edith Bunker on All in The Family. She announced Spin Blend®’s new taste, tang, and kick surpassed mayonnaise or any whipped salad dressings at the supermarket. Her iconic voice gave way to a new food icon. Spin Blend® has become a part of American food tradition. Today, more than a half a century later  Spin Blend® fans remain fiercely loyal! We are happy to report Spin Blend is back on shelves for all your family recipes! 


Spin Blend Light 22
Spin Blend Light 11

Spin Blend® Original Salad Dressing

Tasty Sandwiches

Spin a sandwich with Spin Blend® Salad Dressing, a condiment that makes sandwiches even more delicious than the filling itself. We’re not suggesting you make a Spin Blend® sandwich without the filling, but you could! Unlike other dressings with high-fructose corn sweetener, Spin Blend® is made with purer and simpler ingredients you can actually enjoy. Your turkey sandwich will thank you!

Tangy Salads

Spin potato, macaroni, tuna, or chicken salad into a tangy masterpiece  with the real Spin Blend® Salad Dressing. Customers ask why SpinBlend® salads taste so great the second, and even the third day? The higher quality ingredients retain their kick and keep flavoring salads as they rest in the fridge.  

Healthier Snacks

Instead of chips and salty snacks before dinner, serve healthier appetizers, such as celery, carrots, cucumbers, etc. But you don't have to sacrifice their delicious taste. Dip these healthier snacks in Spin Blend® and see how it wakens appetites for dinner. The great tangy taste of such appetizers can take the edge off dinner enjoyment, so use a bit of self-discipline and have just a few. Mmmm!

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