Spin Blend® Original Salad Dressing

Tasty Sandwiches

Spin a sandwich with Spin Blend Salad Dressing, a condiment that makes sandwiches even more delicious than the filling itself.We're not suggesting you make a Spin Blend sandwich without the filling….But you could! Unlike other dressings with high fructose corn sweetener, Spin Blend is made with more pure and simple ingredients you can actually enjoy and makes your sandwiches more than simple fare. Spin Blend tangy taste is great and so will your sandwich be. Great!

Tangy Salads

Spin a potato salad, a macaroni salad or terrific tuna salad with real Spin Blend Salad Dressing.Long-term customer ask why Spin Blend salads tastes so great the second and even the third day in the fridge.It's simple to understand. Spin Blend is REAL Salad Dressing, not just dressing. So the higher quality ingredients retain their "kick" longer and taste is what it's all about. Spin a salad and we mean a terrific salad with REAL Spin Blend.

Healthier Snacks

Instead of chips and salty snacks before dinner, serve healthier appetizers before-dinner such as celery, carrots, cucumbers, etc. But you don't have to sacrifice delicious taste. Dip these healthier snacks in Spin Blend and see how it wakens appetites for dinner.The great tangy taste of such appetizers can take the edge off dinner enjoyment so use a bit of self-discipline and have just a few. Hmmmmm!