The Spin Blend® Story Best Represented by 2 Sisters.

Back in 1965, 50 years ago, Spin Blend Salad Dressing was introduced on TV by Jean Stapleton, before she became famous as Edith in "All in the Family". She announced Spin Blend's new taste, new tang and new kick - more than any mayonnaise or whipped salad dressing. and It's even more true today. Consumers are so loyal to their Spin Blend, they go to great lengths to get it, even where it was not handled by local retailers

The Two Sisters & Their Devotion to Spin Blend.

Both ladies were very loyal Spin Blend users. The younger sister said that Spin Blend retains its lively flavor days after its use in recipes such asd as potato salad. They used it to make sandiwches, salads and even as a dip for celery, carrots and the like. It was part their most treasured recipes. They even used it to coat the turkey on Thanksgiving holidays. One day, the elder sister moved to California where Spin Blend was not available and she keenly missed having Spin Blend for her everday salads and sandwiches. But Thanksgiving was soon approaching and she invited her dear sister to visit but, of course, asked her to bring two quarts of her beloved Spin Blend. Raost turkey without Spin Blend was not even thinkable,

Disaster Strikes

As the younger sister made her way Westward, she carried two quarts of Spin Blend (before security inspections) in her lap on planes, buses and cars. On one leg of her journey she dropped the package of Spin Blend and one of the jars were broken and Spin Blen was all ove the floor. But the younger sister did deliver one jar of Spin Blend for her elder sister's Thanksgiving dinner and that was appreciated by the whole family. Many years later the elder sister died and her younger sister remembered the story and was so pleased she gave her sister her Spin Blend for thatnThanksgiving turkey. No story about Spin Blend can top that true report of the two sisters.